We’re going to get the anti-refugee laws repealed.

The Campaign

 Refugees abandon their homes to escape war and persecution. They have to seek safety elsewhere. The right to do so, set out in the 1951 Refugee Convention, has protected millions worldwide for decades.

Today in the UK, the anti-refugee laws have destroyed that basic right. These pieces of legislation undermine the international system of protection that has been in place since the second world war. They give the UK Home Secretaries the power to act in ways that could contravene the rule of law and breach the rights of people seeking safety including refugees, children and survivors of human trafficking. Unless we fight back, Britain’s day as a safe haven could be over

In July 2023, the Illegal Migration Act was passed in Parliament, following the passage of the Nationality and Borders Act in 2022, turning anti-refugee bills into anti-refugee laws. The Government chose to punish refugees rather than protect them. It’s a tragedy that must be put right.

 When the anti-refugee laws are repealed, it won’t be a second too soon, but it will be too late for many of the lives ruined by this legislation.

Our Pledge below lays our what this campaign and it’s supporters are committed to: a just and compassionate approach that welcomes and supports refugees.


The Pledge

We believe that people seeking protection from war and persecution should be welcomed and that everyone’s claim for asylum should be treated equally and fairly.

We believe that the UK should offer sanctuary to those who need it. That’s why we’re taking a stand against the anti-refugee laws. We pledge to:

  • Defend the right to seek safety from war and persecution in the UK

  • Speak out against attempts to criminalise and punish those who make their own way to safety

  • Challenge the anti-refugee laws which will risk the lives and well-being of people

  • Work towards a refugee protection system that treats all people with dignity and compassion.

    The anti-refugee laws

    The anti-refugee laws destroy the right to seek asylum in the UK. They will leave tens of thousands of people in permanent limbo, and allow the Government to massively expand detention. They permit the offshore processing of people seeking asylum and the creation of warehouse-style reception centres on UK soil, ripping up internationally recognised rights for people fleeing war and persecution, and criminalising thousands of refugees.

    They will be costly to implement and ineffective – creating ever-longer backlogs and delays in the asylum process that will leave people facing homelessness and destitution.

    Rather than breaking the business model of people smugglers, the new laws will leave people vulnerable to exploitation and reliant upon criminal gangs in order to reach safety.

    Missing from the legislation is any attempt by the Government to introduce new routes for people fleeing war and persecution to claim asylum in the UK, such as a long-term and ambitious commitment to refugee resettlement or expanded family reunion schemes. It’s the lack of such safe routes that drives people to risk their lives to cross the dangerous Channel in flimsy boats.

    Refugee rights are human rights and by taking away these fundamental protections, the anti-refugee laws violate the principle that human rights belong to us all. It’s time to stand up for human rights and fight the anti-refugee laws.

    Testimony of people seeking safety

    “The anti-refugee laws would have meant I would never have been reunited with my wife. We could not have rebuilt our lives, and we wouldn’t have had our daughter.” – Akram, Birmingham

    “With these anti-refugee laws, the Government is closing their eyes and throwing people back to war and persecution.” – Kidist, Leeds

    “Due to a political problem I was forced to leave Afghanistan and travel to the UK through different countries. These laws will mean people in my situation will have no chance to claim asylum.” – Asimgul, Walsall

    “Due to a political problem I was forced to leave Afghanistan and travel to the UK through different countries. These laws will mean people in my situation will have no chance to claim asylum.” – Asimgul, Walsall


    6 Million+ Charitable Trust
    ASIRT (Asylum Support and Immigration Resource Team)
    AVA (Against Violence and Abuse)
    AVID – The Association of Visitors to Immigration Detainees
    Abbey Catholic Primary
    Abergavenny Town of Sanctuary
    Abigail Housing
    Action Aid
    Action Foundation
    Action for Refugees in Lewisham
    Afghan Community and Welfare Centre
    African French Speaking Community Support (AFSCS)
    African Rainbow Family
    African, Caribbean and Asian Lawyers 4 Justice
    Agenda, the alliance for women and girls at risk
    Alliance for Choice, Belfast
    Allsorts Youth Project
    Amnesty International Sheffield
    Amnesty International UK
    Amnesty North East Welcomes
    Another Europe Is Possible
    Apna Haq
    Asha North Staffordshire
    Ashton Churches Asylum Project
    Asylum Justice
    Asylum Link Merseyside
    Asylum Matters
    Asylum Support Appeals Project
    Asylum Welcome
    BARAC (Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts) UK & AUE (Artists’ Union England)
    BEACON (Bradford Ecumenical Asylum Concern)
    Bail for Immigration Detainees

    Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

    Baptist Union of Great Britain
    Barnsley Borough City of Sanctuary
    Bath STAR
    Ben & Jerry’s
    Bevan CIC
    Birch Network
    Birmingham Artivistas
    Birmingham City Council
    Birmingham City of Sanctuary
    Birmingham Methodist Circuit blue team
    Birmingham Schools of Sanctuary
    Birmingham Sutton Park Circuit
    Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid
    Bolton CVS
    Bournville Amnesty
    Bradford City of Sanctuary
    Bradford Immigration & Asylum Support & Advice Network
    Bradford Immigration & Asylum Support & Advice Network ( BIASAN)
    Bradford and Shipley TUC
    Bradford and Shipley Trades Council

    Bradford Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Survivors Service 
    Bridging Communities
    Bristol City of Sanctuary
    Bristol Refugee Rights
    Bristol hospitality network
    Bromsgrove Justice and Peace Group
    Bromsgrove and Redditch Welcome Refugees
    Brushstrokes Community Project
    Burslem Jubilee
    CARAG Coventry
    CARAS (Community Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers)
    CARE International UK
    Calderdale Valley of Sanctuary
    Cambridge Convoy Refugee Action Group
    Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign
    Capital of Cycling
    Caring and Sharing Charity Organisation Rochdale
    Caritas Diocese of Salford
    Caritas Northampton
    Caritas Plymouth
    Caritas Shrewsbury
    Caritas Westminster
    Cecil Green Arts
    Celebrating Sanctuary BIrmingham
    Central Books
    Central England Law Centre
    Chesterfield & North Derbyshire Refugee Support Group
    Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire Stand Up To Racism
    Chinese Information and Advice Centre
    Christian Brothers
    Church of Scotland
    Churches Together in Erdington
    Churches Together in Sandbach
    Citizens Advice Wigan Borough
    Citizens of the World Choir
    City of Sanctuary Sheffield
    City of Sanctuary UK
    Columban Missionaries in Britain
    Community Integration and Advocacy Centre (CIAC)
    Community Policy Forum
    Compass Northern Devon
    Connected Voice
    Conversation Club Leeds
    Coventry Against Racism
    Coventry City Council
    Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre
    Craftspace & Shelanu: Women’s Craft Collective
    Craven District of Sanctuary
    Curious Monkey

    D6 : Culture in Transit 
    DASH (Destitute Asylum Seekers Huddersfield)
    DEWA, Sheffield
    Denbighshire County of Sanctuary
    Derby Refugee Forum
    Derby Stand up to Racism
    Destitution Project Bolton
    Digbeth in the fields, URC church
    Diverse Church
    Doncaster Conversation Club
    Ebony and Ivory Community Organisation
    Edmund Rice England
    Elmbridge CAN
    End Violence Against Women Coalition
    English for Action London
    Epping Forest Stand Up To Racism
    Erdington Foodbank
    Evesham Vale Welcomes Refugees
    FODI (Friends of the Drop In for Asylum Seekers and Refugees – Sunderland)
    Faith Network for Manchester
    Father Hudson’s Care
    Fatima House
    Fawcett Society
    Ffilmiau Cymunedol Davies
    Finsbury Park Mosque
    For Refugees
    Free Churches Group
    Free2bme LGBTQ Community Organisation
    Freedom From Torture
    Fresh Grassroots Rainbow Community
    Fusion Family Intervention
    GMBMEN (Greater Manchester Black and Minority Ethnic Network) and MBMEN (Manchester Black and Minority Ethnic Network) CIC
    Global Link
    Good Chance Theatre
    Govan Community Project
    Grassington and District Peace Group
    Greater Manchester Equality Alliance (GM=EqAl)
    Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit
    Greater Manchester Migrant Destitution Fund
    Growing Together Levenshulme
    H.E.L.P. (Helping Empower Lives in Peterborough)
    HOPE not hate
    Haringey Migrant Support Centre
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    Helen Bamber Foundation
    Her Centre
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    Hereford Amnesty International
    Herts for Refugees
    Homeless Link
    Hope Housing
    Hope Projects
    Hope into Action: UK
    Horn of Africa People’s Aid Northern Ireland (HAPANI)
    Horton Community Farm
    Host Nottingham
    Hull Sisters
    Human Rights Watch
    Humanists UK
    Humans for Rights Network
    Humans of Wolverhampton
    ICLS (Intercultural Communication and Leadership School)
    IKWRO – Women’s Rights Organisation
    IMECE Women’s Centre
    Ice and Fire Theatre;
    Idaraya Life CIC
    Ileys Community Association
    Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA)
    Include Youth
    International Rescue Committee UK
    Iraqi Community Association
    Jesuit Refugee Service UK
    Joining Communities Together
    Jubilee for Climate
    Juno Women’s Aid
    Just Futures: Centre for Child, Youth, Family and Community Research
    JustRight Scotland
    Justice First
    Justice and Peace Co-ordinating Council Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle
    Kairos Women Working Together (Kairos WWT)
    LGBT Foundation
    Lancaster and Morecambe Stand Up To Racism
    Latin American Women’s Rights Service
    Law Centres Network
    Learn for Life Enterprise
    Leeds Anti Raids Action
    Leeds City of Sanctuary
    Leeds Destitute Asylum-Seekers Support
    Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network
    Lifeline Options
    Liverpool City of Sanctuary
    London Black Women’s Project (LBWP)
    Longbridge Methodist Church
    Louth Churches for Refugees
    Mafwa Theatre
    Magic for Smiles
    Manchester City of Sanctuary
    Manchester Migrant Solidarity
    Manchester Refugee Support Network
    Maryhill Integration Network
    Medical Justice
    Mermaids UK
    Merseyside Refugee Support Network
    Merseyside Solidarity Knows No Borders
    Methodist Asylum Project, Middlesbrough
    Methodist Church in Britain
    Metropolitan Community Church of North London
    Micro Rainbow
    Midaye Somali Development Network
    Middlesbrough Diocese Justice and Peace Commission
    Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind
    Migrant English Project, Brighton
    Migrant Voice
    Migrants Organise
    Migrants’ Rights Network
    Multicultural Resource Centre
    Museum of Homelessness
    NBCW England and Wales
    National AIDS Trust
    Nazarene Theological College
    Near Neighbours Birmingham c/o Thrive Together Birmingham
    Nether Edge and Sharrow Green Party
    New Europeans – UK
    New to the UK, North Shields
    Newport City of Sanctuary
    North East Law Centre
    North Staffordshire Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (NorSCARF)
    North Wales Regional Equality Network
    North of England Refugee Service
    Northern Devon for Europe
    Oasis Church Centre
    Ockenden Cambodia
    Oldham Unity
    One Roof Leicester
    One Strong Voice
    Open Door North East
    Open Doors Forum
    Otley Road & Undercliffe Community Works (Communityworks)
    Our World Too
    Out In The City
    Oxfam Great Britain
    PAFRAS (Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers)
    Peaceful Borders
    Pemberton Transitions Service
    Pendle New Neighbours
    Penrith and Eden Refugee Network
    People’s History Museum
    Plan International UK
    Project 17
    Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network
    RADAR(Rochdale Action with Destitute Asylum Seekers and Refugees)
    RAMFEL (Refugee and Migrant Forum of Essex and London)
    RAS Voice
    Race Council Cymru
    Race Equality Network
    Rainbow Migration
    Rape Crisis England & Wales
    Refugee Action
    Refugee Community Kitchen
    Refugee Compassion
    Refugee Council
    Refugee Futures LTD
    Refugee Legal Support
    Refugee Resource
    Refugee Support Devon
    Refugee Support Group Berkshire
    Refugee Welcome Homes
    Refugee Youth Service
    Refugee and Asylum Seeker Project Stockton
    Refugee and Migrant Centre

    Refugees and Mentors CIC
    Regional Refugee Forum North East
    René Cassin – the Jewish Voice for Human Rights
    Restore (a project of Birmingham Churches Together)
    Right to Remain
    Ripon City of Sanctuary
    Room to Heal
    Rural Refugee Network

    SALONE Empowerment Project
    SYMAAG (South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group)
    Sacred Heart Catholic School
    Safe Passage
    Sanctuary Hosting
    Sanctuary in Chichester
    Sanctuary on Sea (Brighton & Hove City of Sanctuary)
    Save the Children
    Schools & Home Energy Education Project

    Scotswood Garden
    Scottish Refugee Council
    Sensewise Consulting
    Settle Area Refugee Support Group
    Shakti Women’s Aid
    Shine (West Bowling)
    Shine Pinehurst
    Shirley Methodist Circuit
    Shropshire Supports Refugees

    Sisters Not Strangers Coalition
    Six Ways Erdington Baptist Church
    Skipton Refugee Support Group
    Social Action Group of Newcastle Reform Synagogue
    Solidarity With Refugees
    Soul Food Spaces
    South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group
    Southall Black Sisters
    Southampton Action
    Southampton City of Sanctuary Group
    Southampton Stand Up To Racism
    St Albans for Refugees
    St Chad’s Sanctuary
    St Paul’s in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham
    St Peters Church. Stockton on Tees
    St Thomas Aquinas
    St Vincent de Paul RC Church Justice & Peace Group
    St Vincents Support Centre
    St. Augustine’s Centre Halifax
    St. Dunstan’s Catholic Primary School
    Stand & Be Counted Theatre Company
    Stand Up To Racism
    Status Now 4 All
    Step Up Migrant Women campaign

    Stockport Refugee Consortium

    Stockport Refugee Network
    Stockton Baptist Church
    Stories of Hope and Home
    Street Talk
    Student Action for Refugees – Exeter

    Student Action for Refugees – Glasgow
    Student Action for Refugees – Stirling
    Student Action for Refugees – University of Birmingham
    Student Action for Refugees – University of Kent
    Student Action for Refugees – University of Nottingham
    Student Action for Refugees – York
    Sudanese Community in Bradford
    Support After Rape and Sexual Violence Leeds (SARSVL)
    Surviving Economic Abuse
    Survivors Manchester
    Sussex Aid For Refugees
    Sussex Surplus
    Swansea Asylum Seekers Support
    Swindon City of Sanctuary
    Tara Centre Lancaster
    The Ark Synagogue
    The Bike Project
    The Birth Partner Project
    The Boaz Trust
    The Buzz Project
    The Church of Scotland
    The Comfrey Project
    The Cotton Tree Trust
    The Gap Wales
    The Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE)
    The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants
    The Kite Trust
    The Launchpad Collective
    The Magdalene Group

    The Mary Thompson Fund
    The Millside Centre
    The Nia Project
    The PILS Project
    The Pankhurst Trust (Incorporating Manchester Women’s Aid)
    The Pickwell Foundation
    The Rainbow Project
    The Refugee Rights Project
    The Runnymede Trust

    The Soko Fund

    The Village Metropolitan Community Church

    The Whistle Art Stop

    The William Gomes Podcast
    Thousand 4 Thousand
    Together Liverpool
    Together Now
    Tynemouth Together With Refugees
    Tyneside Welcomes (Community Sponsorship Charity)
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    Unicorn Theatre
    Unison NW Black Members Committee
    United Reformed Church
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    Women’s Health Matters
    Women’s Resource Centre
    Woodgate Valley Community Association
    Wythall Amnesty Group
    XR Extinction Rebellion & ECOmodulor CIC
    Young Women’s Trust

    Political Support

    Parliamentarians who have signed the pledge:

    Alistair Carmichael – Liberal Democrats
    Allan Dorans – Scottish National Party
    Angela Crawley – Scottish National Party
    Anum Qaisar – Scottish National Party
    Apsana Begum – Labour Party
    Baroness Ruth Lister
    Ben Lake – Plaid Cymru
    Beth Winter – Labour Party
    Caroline Lucas – Green Party
    Cat Smith – Labour Party
    Chris Law – Scottish National Party
    Daniel Zeichner – Labour Party
    Ed Davey – Liberal Democrats
    George Howarth – Labour Party
    Geraint Davies – Labour Party
    Ian Byrne – Labour Party
    Jamie Driscoll, North of Tyne Mayor
    Kate Osamor – Labour Party
    Kenny Macaskill – Alba Party
    Kirsten Oswald – Scottish National Party
    Lloyd Russell-Moyle – Labour Party
    Lord Cashman
    Marsha DeCordova – Labour Party
    Mick Whitley – Labour Party
    Munira Wilson – Liberal Democrats
    Nadia Whittome – Labour Party
    Neale Hanvey – Alba Party
    Olivia Blake – Labour Party
    Paul Blomfield – Labour Party
    Philippa Whitford – Scottish National Party
    Rachael Maskell – Labour Party
    Richard Burgeon – Labour Party
    Richard Thomson – Scottish National Party
    Sarah Champion – Labour Party
    Sarah Olney – Liberal Democrats
    Stephen Farry – Alliance party
    Stephen Timms – Labour Party
    Stuart MacDonald – Scottish National Party
    Tahir Ali – Labour Party
    Tim Farron – Liberal Democrats
    Tommy Shephard – Scottish National Party
    Wendy Chamberlain – Liberal Democrats
    Wera Hobhouse – Liberal Democrats
    Zarah Sultana – Labour Party

    Elected Mayors who have signed the pledge 

    Jamie Driscoll, North of Tyne Mayor 

    Local Authorities that have signed the pledge 

    Birmingham City Council

    Bristol City Council

    Coventry City Council

    Ealing Council

    Newcastle City Council

    Oxfordshire County Council